Sky TV Contact Number: 0344 241 1653

Contact Sky TV on 0344 241 1653 to discuss your satellite TV subscription with their customer services.

To reach the Sky TV customer care department in New Zealand, phone them on 0800 759 759.

Sky TV offers many electronic entertainment options we have in our midst, so it is very hard nowadays to get bored – or at the very least have some free time wherein you’re not using a device or gadget to derive some form of enjoyment. These fun distractions include TVs, mobile phones, computers and tablets. With digital technology, TV programmes are no longer confined to the TV set itself.

With Sky TV, you can pick and choose your favourite channel and programme package to fit your preferences. If you’re a big sports fan, then get Sky Sports. If you’re into great movies, then get Sky Movies. You can even purchase movies from their Sky Store.

You can learn quite a few things by reading their guides and support articles.

Phone Sky

This email address is only reserved for complaints about programmes that are on Sky. You can also tell them your complaints on the phone by calling 0344 241 0265.

If you want to talk to a live customer service team, then you can call their sky experts on 0800 759 759. This is the Sky TV (0800) contact number and is available for Sky TV subscribers who reside in New Zealand.

If you  reside in the UK, then you can call them up on their 03 number instead. The UK Sky TV experts are available on 03442 411 653.

Sky on the Web

If you’re currently experiencing issues with your Sky TV, then it would be best for you to visit their help page here:

If you prefer to contact the Sky TV NZ branch, then you can fill in this form here:

Email Sky

If you would rather write to them, then you can send them an email on: