Playstation Contact Number: 0203 538 2665

Contact Playstation on their contact number 0203 538 2665 to chat about the games console or videogames you purchased.

The very idea of home gaming consoles changed when Playstation entered the fray. Game Franchises started jumping ship and crossing over to the PS and many were developed solely for the PS as well. Soon, internet capabilities further changed the way we looked at home console gaming.

Through internet connectivity, online matches can now be made between players through the Playstation network. Sony Playstation also continues to surprise their fans with new gimmicks, new products and a wider range of newer games that players can play on their latest console. They are clearly ahead and everyone else is just playing catch up. They’ve since become the dominant brand that players and developers choose because of how beautifully rendered their graphics are.

Playstation support online

If you own a Playstation and have a few questions for the developers about their product or your experience using the console, then you can try and browse through their Help Library here:

You can also get help from their active online community members here:

On these webpages, you’ll be able to get any information or support tip here for each product that they put out. You just need to select the product, feature or accessory that you’re currently experiencing issues with.

You can get answers by checking out earlier posts and threads that may be similar to your particular concern or you can start a thread by posting details to what you have experienced. It’s practically guaranteed that there will be someone out there who has already had that same experience and have already found a fix for it. The only thing you need to do now, is wait for that person to reply to your post.

Social Media

For live support, you can tweet their support team @AskPS_UK.

The tech support and customer service team for the Playstation games console are available from 2:30 pm to 11pm.